Travelinman86.com is a product of my fascination for traveling and an effort to better understand the human condition in the modern world. Simply, it is a way for me to catalog my experiences. Hopefully it will eventually serve as a hub of information on a variety of locations and topics for fellow travel enthusiasts. This site is meant to combine the traditional travel oriented website with great up to date social media by focusing on my areas of expertise: budget travel, vibrant towns in developing countries and  scenic, historic and ethnic minority areas in western China. This is all a work in progress which means the website will be changing and improving on a regular basis. Enjoy!

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Next Stop!

I am starting a new job in Panzhou on March 1, 2019. So, there is a lot of new things to explore in this area.

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For more photos and information on current, recent and past trips, check out the Travelinman86.com youtube page and extended photo album.